Hello! Welcome to the FindMeOn.com API

You might want to visit the API registration / management section on FindMeOn.com first.

API Information

FindMeOn.com has opened up many of our syndication functions so that users and networks can create applications and widgets that use information we manage

API Terms & Conditions

General Notices

This document and the APIs herein are subject to change at any time.

The API is currently under active development, and is particularly subject to frequent changes.

While API functions are versioned for continuity, API function versions may be removed at any time.

Using the API

You must wait at least one second between queries when using the API. Excessive queries will result in automatic throttling.

Please watch for 503 errors and back-off appropriately. It means that you have been throttled.

Please set your User-Agent to something identifiable. Default identifiers like "Java/1.4.3" or "lwp-perl" etc may be banned from time to time.

The API currently has the following throttling limitations. Please note that you may query the API at least as many times as FindMeOn.com queries your webservers/API on any single day. The numbers below are 'overages'. Throttling is implemented based on 7 day averages -- so if you're making heavy use one day, and not the next -- don't worry, throttling should not kick in. If you're constantly making heavy use, you will probably experience throttling.

  • The API currently has the following throttling limitations for general use ( ie: exploration , having fun, testing, updating your database via a cron job):
    • You may query the API up to 100,000 times a day for non-commercial use
    • You may query the API up to 50,000 times a day for commercial use
  • The API currently has the following throttling limitations for use when a query is instantiated at the request of the identity owner ( ie, a request of the user to sync up their account )
    • You may query the API up to 10,000 times a day for non-commercial use
    • You may query the API up to 2,500 times a day for commercial use
  • These numbers are subject to change. We hope to raise them as soon as possible.

Crediting the API

The information you see on FindMeOn.com isn't owned by FindMeOn.com - it belongs to the people who have entered it into the system. However, we pay the hosting/bandwidth bills-- so we have come up with the following crediting terms for accessing the data through FindMeOn.com. We believe you will find them fair.

If you use the API to make a widget or applictation that you put on your blogs / profiles / etc, you MUST include a link to FindMeOn.com on the widget AND mention that FindMeOn.com is serving the data. When we do this internally, we link directly to the user's page on FindMeOn.com. If you'd rather do the main FindMeOn.com page, you could -- but linking to the user record is perfectly acceptable. This applies when your widgets or applications DIRECTLY access the API for each display.

If you use the API to update your own store/cache of account information for users who are on both FindMeOn.com and your service:

  • You do not have to credit FindMeOn.com with managing information if the request is a "1 time trigger" by your user. IE: if your user clicks a button on your website that either queries or schedules a deferred query against FindMeOn.com, you do not have to mention FindMeOn.com at all
  • If you run periodic and/or automatic updates against FindMeOn.com , which are not directly triggered by your user, you must credit FindMeOn.com as servicing you with data.

The spirit of these terms is meant to allow our role to be transparent for all circumstances except being the primary or direct source of information to your users - we're here to help you build apps, but not cut down on your own hosting bills.

Caching Data

If you are collecting data for personal non-commercial use, or for commercial use under the conditions where you are updating information of a shared/common user of your service and FindMeOn.com:

You are strongly encouraged to cache data locally

If you release libraries/applications that interface with the API

You must not include your own API User key in the code.

You are encouraged to register each version of your library/application with FindMeOn.com to get an API Application Key and encode an Application API key with each request. The application key helps us monitor "what's out there"-- so we don't deprecate functions used by popular applications, and we know who to notify in advance if we need to make a drastic change. You get 9 application/version keys by default. If you'd like more, just fill out a feedback request -- we'll get to you ASAP.

You are encouraged to provide self-throttling code, so that users of your library will not require throttling on our end.

You are encouraged to let us know in advance of any release ( feedback@findmeon.com) , so we can have a heads-up and make any necessary optimizations beforehand.

Portions of the API Terms Of Service based on / inspired / copied from the del.icio.us API terms ( http://del.icio.us/help/api/).

API Documentation

Reading the docs is a good place to start! API v1 Docs