Get X shouts from a user

Given a user's id ( 32 hex chars ) , will list 1-15 of the last shouts visible to that id

Required Query Args
  • api_key [string] - can be obtained from
  • findmeon [string] - 32 char hex id for identity
Optional Query Args
  • qty [int] - number of shouts to return, 1-15 is valid, default is 5
  • js [bool] - return data as a javascript line
  • shouts - an array containing dictionary objects of the following format
    • timestamp - timestamp of shout
    • shout_text - text of shout
Alternate Path
An alternate path is provided for use as a 'dynamic js' page element
Alternate Path - Example Usage
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
Alternate Path - Example Result

The alternate path will return info such as this:

var fmo__shouts_%(findmeon)s= { json object };

As an example:

var fmo__shouts_AD96168A494C59A4FB5F7B6DC629022B= { "result":"success" , "shouts":[] };

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